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Hermann Eben

Hermann E. Eben

Dr. Fred R. Lybrand

Dr. Fred R. Lybrand

  • Developing and managing businesses for 40+ years
  • Helped grow a small $25 million oil and gas company into a multibillion-dollar, NYSE-traded entity
  • Has analyzed, planned, negotiated, and implemented more than $2 billion worth of acquisitions and divestitures of oil and gas properties
  • Titles previously held: Vice President of Corporate Development, Vice President of Special Projects, Vice President of Investor Relations, Managing Director, Chief Information Officer
  • Presenter and public speaker for 30+ years
  • Specializes in helping people and organizations change, Leadership Coaching, Leadership Development, Business Strategy and Implementation, Personnel Development, Relationship Coaching, Personnel Performance
  • Doctorate in Applied Theology, Phoenix Seminary
  • Managing and consulting businesses for 19+ years
  • Creator of the Solutions Crafting Method
  • Human Resources consultant specializing in communication, teamwork, and individual giftedness
  • Inventor of The Writing Course (a student course for reluctant writers)
  • ​Engaging Keynote Speaker: http://www.speakermatch.com/profile/fredlybrand/
  • Author of - 1) Heavenly Citizenship: The Spiritual Alternative to Power Politics, 2) The Absolute Quickest Way to Help Your Child Change, 3) About Life and Uganda, 4) Preaching On Your Feet, 5) Back to Faith, 6) Glaen: A Novel Message on Love, Romance, and Relating
David R. Curtis

David R. Curtis

Paul Moore

  • Pioneer of Non-profit Organizations Next Step Discipleship Ministries & Triple L Ranch
  • Automated Logistics Specialist for the Army National Guard and Iraq War Veteran
  • Specializes in personnel development, volunteer management, training delivery, andragogy, and leadership development

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Clients say our products and services are top-notch!

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