RIGHT RESULTS...Using Transcendent Values

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A Critical Value and Shift

Battling Leader Structures

Three Common Problems

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If you think it is only about RESULTS, you will be getting less results than you want...

…because you are forgetting the obvious...

…results don't just happen, people get results!

You know that getting results is critical for individuals and organizations, but your approach to getting results will make a big difference for you and everyone in the organization.

The path of least resistance for most people...

…try to get results in a way that will most likely hurt the organization, the people and, ultimately YOU!

You can easily and quickly know whether you are the type of person who will be either a good or bad leader...


You are committed to INFLUENCE others to get THERE by using the GR8 Leaders Recipe!

AND, a major ingredient of the recipe is the 6 CRITICAL VALUES...self-governance, humility, sacrifice, freedom, valuing people and truth. So, GR8 Leaders are committed to RIGHT Results that are achieved through transcendent values.

Are you focusing your attention on results and forgetting about the people? Most likely you will hurt your ability to get results, especially long-term when you do it that way.

Start getting results that help you, the people and the organization!

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