Dr. Fred R. Lybrand

Fred has been called America’s Solutions Evangelist. His skills have been employed by Marathon Oil, Burlington Resources, Protrader, Pioneer Natural Resources, and the United States Air Force. His latest product is Solutions Crafting: The Genius of Going Beyond Problem Solving.

Fred has degrees and certifications including such diverse things as English Literature, Speech Communications, Structural Dynamics, Fiction Writing, numerous personality instruments, Applied Theology, Counseling, and Organizational Re-design. He is a co-founder of TrimTab Solutions (now GR8 Solutions Group), an Energy Industry organization and leadership coaching firm.

He is the author of six books and is the creator of The Writing Course, a unique curriculum for teaching children to write well without knowing the rules of grammar or punctuation. As an educator and non-profit consultant, he has served on the founding boards of a Classical model private school and an International Christian Leadership Alliance.

Fred has been married to Jody White Lybrand, his college sweetheart. They have five children: Tripp, Laura, Forrest, Holmes, and Brooks. Jody has a master’s degree in early childhood education and did the larger share of the homeschooling for the Lybrand gang, all of whom were schooled from birth to college at home. He agrees that "if you can’t say it you don’t know it", and with writing as his first love, he created The Writing Course a curriculum to teach kids to overcome every fear of writing on the way to writing well.

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