Currently, these workshops are part of the IN-PERSON services provided at companies for their employees. In the future, they will be available as Online Video Learning like the HUNDREDS of videos in the GR8 Leaders CATALYST System and GR8 Relationships.

Contact us about other topics available. Any topic in GR8 Leaders or GR8 Relationships is or can be a workshop. Most workshops are built to be a half-day, but some require a full day, and a few are best when covered over 2 or 3 days.



Recipes for Clear and Powerful Communication

Communication is an unlicensed superhighway filled with accidents just waiting to happen. Whether in the workplace, government, relationships, or day-to-day living, nothing wastes more time or causes more delays and setbacks than miscommunication. It seems like no matter how hard we try the words we share are misunderstood by the people we share them with. We get a driver's license because we have to learn a skill to get the results we want (arriving at our destination) with the greatest efficiency (we don't wreck or hurt others).

Strategic Planning Kit

Purpose Driven Results

Your Strategic Planning Kit

You may have created a business plan as part of the launch of your business...but with the day‐to‐day of running the business, a year or even many years can go by before you refer back to that plan—if at all. Well, a lot can happen in your business during those years: priorities may have shifted, you may have added new products, key staff may have been added or moved on. Suddenly, you realize that as an organization, your course has changed, but your long‐range plans aren’t updated to reflect the new direction you’re taking. 

Business strategy means having a long range plan and milestones along the way that ensure you get there. And it should be something you do each and every year.

Coaching Individuals

4 Steps to Higher Performance

Helping People Perform At the Next Level

Are you developing an open and honest work environment? You can help your organization's performance with Robert Fritz's Moment of Truth step-by-step process. You will be dealing with performance issues early on instead of waiting till it gets to be a bigger problem or "the right time". The Moment of Truth will give you the tools you need to help your employees face the truth without making them feel denigrated, inept, or incompetent. AND, at the same time you will be enhancing your own career by learning how to handle such a critical issue as employee performance.

Stop Controlling

Start Leading and Stop Controlling

GR8 Leaders Encourage Freedom and Choice

The damage from controlling executives and managers is largely ignored, because it is seen as normal, necessary, and worse – VALUABLE! Most managers and leaders resort to getting the results they want either through intimidation or manipulation. Ultimately, that damages the morale of the people, punishes individual productivity and innovation, and reduces long-term results.

You can solve that problem and become a superior leader!



How To Resolve Conflicts with the Conflict RESOLVED Recipe Card

What words come to your mind when you hear or read the word "conflict"? Most people think of fight, controversy, pain, anger, disagreement, or war. So, what does that imply about our view of conflict - it's bad! That's why it's time to learn about conflict. A better view of conflict is that it can strengthen relationships, increase effectiveness, enhance performance, reduce stress, and improve moral. Yes, that is TRUE!

12 Must Have Tools

12 Everyday, MUST HAVE Tools for a GREAT Life

Tools for Clear Thinking, Planning, Execution and Communicating

There are tools and then there are EVERYDAY, MUST HAVE tools! Of course this is not about hammers and saws - it is about more important tools that literally can change your life. Tools that can help you answer critically important questions and guide you into advancing your career, relationship and life!

One Timeless Process

An Essential Formula for GR8 Leaders

Great Values Plus A Great Process = A Great Leader

Influential Leader

The Influential Leader

How You Influence and Are Influenced


Secret Ingredients to Get Things Done

The Most Effective Process Used Throughout History

Coaching for Excellence

Coaching for Excellence

How to Help People Achieve Higher Performance

Rising Above the Crowd

Rising Above the Crowd

From Coping to Creating

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

How to Make Groups, Committees, Volunteers and Organizations More Effective

Listening and Asking Questions

Leading by Listening and Asking Questions

How To Be A Great Leader Using Only 2 Remarkable Skills

Delegation That Works

Delegation That Works!

Using THP to Master the Delegation Process

Leading On Purpose

Leading On Purpose

Using the COMPASS Planning Structure to Provide Clear Direction


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