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Relationships can be GREAT - and not just marriages or romantic relationships, ALL relationships. Whether a conflict is between spouses, siblings, parents and children, or even coworkers, there is essentially one major Solution to the most prominent Problem. What is the Problem and what is the Solution? Study along with us to find out!

GR8 Relationships (formerly Hope for Relationships) is a video course offering biblically-based insight on relationships. In each video, course instructor Hermann Eben and student Paul Moore tame tough issues by discussing them in a casual, radio-program way. Each of GR8 Relationship’s twelve chapters are subdivided into quick segments you can squeeze into a coffee break - so if you had time to read this paragraph - you have the time to start.

Right Thinking - Right Relationships - Right NOW!


The PROBLEM will destroy any relationship at any time. Unfortunately, the PROBLEM is always with us, so you really need to know what it is and how to recognize it.

Relationship Mistake #1

Relationships not only suffer from the PROBLEM, but there are 4 basic mistakes that encourage or are part of the PROBLEM. Hear a little about the first mistake.

Relationship Mistake #2

This mistake derails and dissolves relationships primarily because people keep trying to change the past. Reality says, "The PAST IS OVER!"

Relationship Mistake #3

Mistake #3 impacts everyone that tries to impress others or worse, not be themselves. This leads to not being a REAL person, so how can others really get to know you.

Relationship Mistake #4

Any of the mistakes are relationship destroyers, but this one is often practiced with seemingly good intent. It still is wrong and creates major problems for relationships.

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