Why Would You Want A Coach?

You can experience a profound change in thinking as well as behavior. Our mix of practical tools, insights, and experience helps you transcend to higher levels in work and life. Most important, you will learn how to create change in yourself without becoming dependent on us. Our desire for you – High Performance.. We are dedicated to that result – not by trying out new fads, but using “things that work.”

  • Performance reality—Objectivity about performance
  • Job—Enhance effectiveness and career scalability
  • Behavior reality—Identify and resolve blind spots
  • Focus—Create and maintain focus
  • Goals—Clarify, support and accountability
  • Learning—Accelerate learning
  • Self-governance—Expand options for accelerated, sustainable improvement

Our Coaching Model


Start Your


  • Discover or review your strengths, preferences and competencies
  • Determine strengths and competencies you want to enhance
  • Identify, study, and assess items that would aid change


Pursue Your


  • Apply what you are learning to see the change and develop self-governance
  • Pursue opportunities to apply your learning at work, at home and in life
  • Persevere, follow through and follow-up to maximize change


Complete Your


  • Reinforce change by coaching and serving others with what you are learning
  • Assess your progress by getting regular feedback from those who know you
  • Identify priority changes through feedback and service

Group or Individual Coaching?

Group Coaching

How can an ORGANIZATION benefit from coaching?

First, you reap the benefits stated above. Second, the GR8 Leaders program is most often used with groups, but you can work with us to provide something that is customized for you. GR8 Leaders is designed to help escalate the transition from individual contributor to leader. The program challenges people to become self-governing to help create and sustain excellence. Finally, you create a structure that allows meaningful discussion to occur in a safe environment facilitated by an objective, experienced facilitator.

Coaching Individuals

How could an INDIVIDUAL benefit from coaching?

Specifically, respect/freedom for others increases, support of others improves, ability to effectively handle conflict is enhanced, and capacity for leadership is enhanced, often dramatically. More generally, you improve group execution and results due to your added communication and leadership abilities that extend to others. And, overall, you enhance your work and life by simply increasing your capacity making you a more valuable member of any organization with your enhanced skills.

GR8 Leaders Version 2 Courses and Topics

Leadership QUICKStart

Value Right Results AND People

Motivate Right Results with Purpose

Communicate Clearly to Get Right Results

Coach for Excellence

Share Truth for Performance Excellence

Excel Using Freedom with Self-governance

Create and Develop Effective Teamwork

Support Teamwork with Conflict Resolution Skills

Amplify Teamwork with Facilitation

Catalyze Change Start with You

Help Others Adopt Change

Persevere with Change

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