About GR8 Solutions

We are dedicated to help organizations build superior, high performing cultures! That means you will have a culture that is...


A culture that provides each individual the ability to work to their strengths, solve problems and create solutions the way they are "wired", within the boundaries set by the organization.


A culture interested in making life better for others rather than focusing primarily on ME. A culture that helps people experience the reality of satisfaction through service rather than the deception of satisfaction of self-seeking actions.


A culture that helps people learn that the greatest freedom comes from being accountable and doing what is right even when others aren't watching. A culture where people learn that passing up immediate gratification for future benefits is extremely valuable creating long-term satisfaction.

What are you doing when...

  • ...you or others are rudderless - not sure of where to go next or even now?
  • ...you aren't sure where you REALLY are right now - your current reality?
  • ...there is a lot of work and busyness, but not enough progress toward goals?
  • ...a person is underperforming and you are not sure whether to try to encourage them or threaten to fire them?
  • ...everyone isn’t operating on the same page?
  • ...there is more reacting to crises rather than acting upon opportunities?
  • ...a person's potential isn’t maximized because they aren’t working to their strengths?
  • ...the people are confused about company goals and how to achieve them?
  • ...you are spending more time getting people to do what they were asked to do rather than thinking about strategy and strategic actions?

We can help you with all of those situations and more!

Here’s the Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee is very simple: if you do not get the value you want from the work we do, mark the invoice down or do not pay at all.

We’re confident offering this guarantee because:

We believe in the value of our services and will suggest only the programs suitable for your goals.

We’re selective about businesses and individuals we serve. If we agree to accept you as a client, it means we like what you are doing and believe we can help you create the results you want.

Happy to Work with Non-profits!

GR8 Solutions Group was founded as TrimTab Solutions by two guys who are unapologetically Christian, but who remain very respectful of other viewpoints, belief systems, worldviews, and convictions. We hope the same respect is given to us as well.

While we are a "for-profit" enterprise, we value supporting organizations that do not have "profit" in their business formulae. It is with this in mind that we deeply discount our prices (at least 30%) for nonprofits.

If you look through our site and see anything of interest for your nonprofit effort, please contact us. Proof of being 501c3 (nonprofit) may be required. Also, please be aware that we can only serve a limited number of nonprofits at a time and typically operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Clients say our products and services are top-notch!

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