David R. Curtis

David has worked in multiple environments, but the common thread throughout has been training and development. David completed his Basic Training between his Junior and Senior years of High School and received specialist training at Fort Lee, VA in 2002. He specialized in maintenance prioritization, office management, license certifications, PMCS enforcement, parts management, and finance management.

His career has spanned many challenging management situations: being responsible to get results from older men who outranked him required a commitment to interpersonal relating and mutual respect built on leading by example. A highlight was receiving an Army Medal of Achievement for a training program to bring five other automated logistic specialists to war-ready status at Fort Hood during the pre-mobilization process. David was deployed to Iraq with the Army National Guard for all of 2005.

During David’s trade years as a licensed plumber for residential replacement and repair, he worked his way up from digging ditches to office administration. He succeeded in bringing focus and clarity to each role, whether that was quality craftsmanship in repair, streamlining the paper work into a half day’s work by one individual, or improving customer and workman relationships.

In 2007 David co-created Next Step Discipleship Ministries. From 2007 to 2012 the team built infrastructure and facilities valued at twelve million dollars for three million. NSDM has created an audio/video studio and hosted weekend and weeklong events at Triple L Ranch. NSDM has trained ministry leadership from across America, Africa, Russia, and China. Co-founding and leading this training ministry brought the most rewarding successes and deepest growth opportunities in his career. David then continued his expertise in logistics with a focus on facility maintenance and creating preventative maintenance systems for Midland Bible Church.

David, his wife, and three kids relocated to San Antonio where he has furthered his education at the masters level on andragogy. David is a member of ATSD and is seeking certification for the CPLP. He is also studying to become a certified Structural Consultant.

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