Start Leading and Stop Controlling

GR8 Leaders Encourage
Freedom and Choice

The Problem

The damage from controlling executives and managers is largely ignored, because it is seen as normal, necessary, and worse – VALUABLE!

Most managers and leaders resort to getting the results they want either through intimidation or manipulation. Ultimately, that damages the morale of the people, punishes individual productivity and innovation, and reduces long-term business results.

You can solve that problem and become a superior leader!

The Solution

When you understand the power of leading with freedom, you realize how energizing it is to you and others.

Even better, as you learn how to use an invitational rather than command and control model, you create a system with expanded capacity, productivity and creativity.

Finally, and best, you create an environment that drives out fear, engages and challenges people, and enhances the overall morale and RESULTS!

Sound too good to be true – of course, but that doesn’t make it NOT TRUE!

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Typical Agenda

Freedom Is Superior to Control

  • Freedom Defined
  • Freedom Derailed
  • Freedom Decision
  • Freedom Tools
  • Freedom Insights

Freedom Excels with Self-goverance

  • Self-governance
  • Self-governance Is A Choice
  • Self-governance and Freedom V

Freedom Enriches Work and Effort

  • 4 Personal Needs
  • 6 Key Motivators
  • Make the Work More Interesting
  • Help People Re-engage

Freedom Isn't Controlled by Emotions

  • Simple Theory
  • Simple Pattern
  • Simple Tools That Help

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