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What Clients Say

Tim Dunn

CEO / CrownQuest Operating LLC

"The GR8 Leaders training is transformational. Hermann effectively transmits skill enhancement that will put any practitioner into a much higher plane of effectiveness. In addition to being engaging and informative, the training greatly enhances anyone’s capabilities to serve a mission, group or organization."

"We have worked with TrimTab Solutions extensively for the past nine years in a variety of areas to improve the performance of our workforce. Whether providing custom program design and delivery, meeting facilitation, private leadership coaching, and/or general training, the value obtained consistently exceeds our expectations. If you’re looking for a practical, innovative, and ethical partner to add clarity, focus and results to your organization, then I highly recommend TrimTab Solutions!"

Phil Coyle

Human Resources Team Lead, USA / Encana Oil & Gas

Arlene Wohlgemuth

Executive Director / Texas Public Policy Foundation

"As the executive director of a rapidly growing think tank, now managing 32 exceptionally bright and mostly young people, I have been amazed at how helpful the GR8 Leaders training has been. I refer back frequently to the material. Our employees are equipped to plan out new projects, managing their own productivity and that of others. Hermann’s presentation style makes everyone comfortable about participating yet the information and the exercises really hit home. His methods teach you how to manage your organization’s most valuable asset – the people."

"We have worked with Hermann Eben and TrimTab Solutions over the last several years. I really appreciate Hermann’s ability to help develop Leadership skills, but more importantly I really appreciate his character. He is very frank and direct and yet approachable and open. He was invaluable at helping our team work through some very significant issues while both exhibiting and encouraging open, honest, and candid feedback. I would strongly recommend Hermann and be happy to discuss with anyone interested."

Paul T. Horne

Executive Vice President / Legacy Reserves LP

JaLynn Hogan

Executive Director / High Sky Children's Ranch

"As a new leader of an organization, I was overwhelmed by the enormity of tasks before me. Hermann has helped me clarify my role, empower my team, and learn skills to be an effective leader."

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