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Failure - Good and Bad

What Is A Catalytic Leader?

Common Attitudes About Change

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Frustrated with all of the "change management" methods and processes... aren't alone!

It might be cynical, and maybe too harsh, to say that most change management is not worth the money you pay for it.

In fact, we believe there are some important items with change management, but if you are PAYING ATTENTION TO THE BASICS, you have what you need.

That is why we approach innovation, not as a new way to think, but as a way to reinforce the foundation.

Yes, there is a significant benefit to understanding how to deal with change, especially what type of mindset that is needed to deal with mistakes and failure.

AND, you need to know some keys on how to get over the past, which often imprisons you.

Don't start any change process without looking at what you can learn here.

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