YOU - A Strategic Thinker!

Tools to Help You Become A Strategic Thinker and Strategic Planner

The Problem

You have complex situations, difficult problems, and challenging decisions. The problem is you seldom have access to all the information you need, you have a limited view of the entire system involved, and you still need to decide and act.

It's time to become a strategic thinker. You need strategic thinking...

  • If your own and run a business with 50 employees
  • If you’re a sole-proprietor of a one-man (or woman) show
  • If you’re the CEO of a multi-billion dollar conglomerate
  • If you're working at ANY level in a business

Without strategic thinking you will likely be confused, unfocused and unproductive. Very busy - YES, but busy does not mean that the things that need to be done to help ensure long-term viability are being done.

And, some of you think that strategy and strategic thinking is something that is "wired in" or you are born that way. Certainly, some are more gifted, but anyone can become a strategic thinker.

The Solution

Strategic Thinking uses opportunities presented TODAY to generate the best possible business results TOMORROW

It’s about...

  • Analyzing opportunities and problems from a broad perspective and understanding the potential impact your actions might have on others
  • Thinking about what could happen and looking at the impact on the entire system

And that helps you...

  • ...see beyond day-to-day work and consider the larger environment
  • ...ask questions and challenge assumptions about how things work
  • ...gather complex, even ambiguous data and interpret it
  • ...use the insights to make choices and select appropriate courses of action

It helps you constantly...

  • Prioritize those critical items that will allow you to be successful
  • Assess the business environment 1) Corporate level – company strategy, customers, competition, industry trendsand 2) Unit level – the group's internal challenges and positioning
  • Gather and analyze information
  • Estimate the changes that must be made today in order to generate desired results tomorrow

It's time to get started. The longer you wait, the less chance you have to help the organization and advance your career!

Table of Contents


  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Thinkers
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning

Five Critical Competencies

  • Think Systemically
  • Ask, “What if?”
  • Analyze & Synthesize
  • Focus & Prioritize
  • Adapt
  • +1—Be Optimistic

Thinking Into Planning

  • Structure
  • A Timeless Structure—THP
  • A Planning Structure—COMPASS
  • Purpose
  • Core Values
  • Brand Promise
  • Leader Behaviors
  • Strategy
  • Operational Priorities
  • Goals
  • Compass Form
  • THP Planning Form
  • Daily Focus Form

Thinking Into Planning

  • Strategic Thinking Self‐assessment
  • Check Your Knowledge of Strategic Thinking
  • Starter Kits for Strategic Thinking Competencies
  • Business Analysis Worksheets
  • Details for S.M.A.R.T.

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